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Upon the list of PK Components’ products there is a wide range of raw materials from the Superfoods’ category – foods with high nutritional value and BIO products deriving from organic farming.

In case of interest in a specific raw material, please contact us.

Available also in organic versionProduct name
1Acerola powder
Beet root powder
1Chlorella powder
Goji berry powder
1Guarana powder extract
1Maca powder
Matcha powder
1Green barley grass powder
1Sea buckthorn fruit powder
1Spirulina powder
Cranberry powder
1Amaranth seeds
1Chia seeds
Milk thistle seeds
1Quinoa seeds
1Hawthorn juice concentrate 65 Brix
Artichoke juice concentrate 65 Brix
Royal jelly lyophilized
Propolis extract
Pollen powder extract