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Botanical extracts are natural ingredients which through its beneficial influence on organisms are applied widely in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Available botanical extracts on the market differ in terms of concentration towards initial material (DER – dry extract ratio) and the level of standardization to active substances such as: polyphenol, antioxidants, saponin, tannin, ethereal oil and others.

PK Components is known on the market for botanical extracts imported from all over the world.

If the extract you are interested in is not included into our offer, please contact us directly. We will find it for you!

Available also in organic versionProduct namePart of the plantLatin nameActive ingredient
1Acai powder extractfruitEuterpe oleracea
1Acerola powderfruitMalpighia glabra L.Vitamin C 17%, 25%, 40%
1Tagetes powder extractflowerTagetes L.Lutein 5-20%; Lutein/Zeaxanthin 10%/1%, 20%/4%
Aloe vera powder extractaerial partAloe L.200:1
Andrographis powder extractherbAndrographis paniculataAndrographolides 10%, 50%, 98%
Ashwagandha powder extractrootWithania somnifera L.Withanolides 2,5%
Bacopa monnieri powder extractleaf/aerial partBacopa monnieriBacosides 10-50%
Bamboo powder extractleafBambusa vulgarisSilica 70%
1Elderberry powder extractflower/fruitSambucus nigraAnthocyanidin 13%
Bilberry powder extractfruitVaccinium myrtillus L.Anthocyanidins 25%
Boswellia serrata powder extractresinBoswellia serrataBoswellic acids 60-70%
Beet root powder extractrootBeta vulgaris L.
Tribulus terrestris powder extractfruitTribulus terrestris L.Saponins 20%, 40%, 60%, 90%
Chlorella powderwhole plantChlorella pyrenoidosa
1Hop powder extractflowerHumulus lupulus L.Xanthohumol 1,8%; Flavones 4%
Cinnamon powder extractbarkCinnamomum zeylanicum Blume
Schisandra powder extractfruitSchisandra chinensis
Black pepper powder extractfruitPiper nigrum L.Piperine 95%
1Garlic powder extractbulbAlliumsativum L. Allicin 1,5%, 2%; Alliin 1,5%, 2%
Devil's claw powder extractrootHarpagophytum Procumbens L.Harpagoside 2,5%, 5%
1St. John's wort powder extractaerial partHypericum perforatum L.Total Hypericins 0,3%
Garcinia cambogia powder extractfruitGarcinia L.Hydroxycitric acid 50%, 60%
1Hawthorn powder extractfruit/flowerCrataegus L.Flavones 2,5-20%
Pomegranate powder extractfruitPunica granatum L.Ellagic acid 10-70%; Polyphenols 10-50%
Graviola powder extractfruitAnnona muricata L.
Griffonia simplicifolia powder extractseedsGriffonia simplicifolia5-HTTP 98%
1Guarana powder extractfruitPaullinia cupana kunthCaffeine 10%, 22%
Gymnema sylvestre powder extractleafGymnema sylvestreGymnemic acid 25%
1Green tea powder extractleafCamellia sinensisPolyphenols 25-95%; EGCG 10-70%; L-theanine 98%
1Ginger powder extractrootZingiber officinale R.Gingerols 2,5%, 5%
1Echinacea purpurea powder extractaerial part/rootEchinacea purpurea L.Polyphenols 4%
Green barley grass powder extractleafHordeum vulgare L.
1Artichoke powder extractleafCynara scolymus L.Cynarin 2,5%, 5%
Green coffee powder extractfruitCoffea arabica L.Total chlorogenic acids 5-50%; Caffeine 2%
Goji powder extractfruitLycium barbarum L.
1Fennel powder extractseedsFoeniculum vulgare Mill.
Fenugreek powder extractseedsTrigonella foenugraecum L.
Valerian powder extractrootValeriana officinalis L.
Kudzu powder extractrootPueraria lobataIsoflavones 20%, 40%
Flax powder extractseedsLinum usitatissimum L.Lignans 20%
1Linden powder extractflowerTilia cordata miller
Amla powder extractfruitEmblica officinalis L.Tannins 30%
1Maca powderrootLepidum meyenii
1Lemon balm powder extractleafMelissa officinalis L.Rosmarinic acid 2%, 2,5%; Polyphenols 8%
1Passiflora powder extractflowerPassiflora incarnata L.
1Ginkgo biloba powder extractleafGinkgo biloba L.Flavone glycosides/Terpene lactones 18/4, 24/6
1Dandelion powder extractroot/herbTaraxacum officinaleInulin 20%
Fucus vesiculosus powder extractherbFucus vesiculosus L.Iodide 0,1%, 0,2%
Mulberry powder extractleafMorus alba L.
Olive powder extractleafOlea europea L.Oleuropein 5-22%
1Milk thistle powder extractseedsSilybum Marianum L.Silymarin 80%
1Turmeric powder extractrootCurcuma longa L.Curcuminoids 5-95%
Perilla powder extractleafPerilla frutescens L.Flavones 2,5%
Saw palmetto powder extractfruitSerenoa repensTotal fatty acid 25%, 45%, 90%
Pelargonium powder extractrootPelargonium sidoides DC.
Sophora japonica powder extractbudsSophora japonica L.Rutin NF11; Quercetin 95%
Coleus forskohlii powder extractrootColeus forskohliiForskolin 20%
1Nettle powder extractroot/leafUrtica dioica L.Silica 1%
1Bitter orange powder extractfruitCitrus aurantium L.Diosmin 90%; Hesperidin 90-98%; Vitamin C 40%; Synephrine 0,25-6%
1Tomato powder extractfruitLycopersicon esculentum Mill.Lycopene 5%, 6%, 10%
Polygonum aviculare powder extractwhole plantPolygonum aviculare L.Flavonoids 2%
Giant knotweed powder extractrhizomaPolygonum cuspidatumResveratrol 50%, 98%
Sea buckthorn powder extractfruitHippophae rhamnoides L.Flavones 5%; Vitamin C 10%
Rosemary powder extractherbRosmarinus officinalis L .Rosmarinic acid 2%
1Rosehip powder extractfruitRosa canina L.Vitamin C 5-70%
Rhodiola powder extractrhizomaRhodiola rosea L.Rosavins 1-3%; Salidroside 1%
Chamomile powder extractflowerMatricaria chamomilla L.
1Ruscus powder extractrootRuscus aculeatus L.Ruscogenins 10%
Senna powder extractleafCassia angustifoliaSennoside B 20%
Horsetail powder extractherbEquisetum arvense L.Silica 7%
1Soybean powder extractseedsGlycine Willd.Isoflavones 10-40%; Phytosterols 95%
1Spirulina powderwhole plantArthrospira platensis
Saffron powder extractstigmaCrocus sativus L.Safranal 0,3%
1Sage powder extractherbSalvia officinalis L.
1Thyme powder extractherbThymus vulgaris L.Essential oils 2%
1Gotu kola powder extractleafCentella asiatica L.Asiaticoside 10-30%; Triterpens 10-30%
1Grape powder extractseeds/skinVitis vinifera L.Polyphenols 10-60%; Proanthocyanidins 95%; Resveratrol 0,5-5%
1Siberian ginseng powder extractrootEleutherococcus senticosusEleutherosides 0,8%
1Ginseng powder extractrootPanax ginsengGinsenosides 1-30%
1Cranberry powder extractfruitVaccinium macrocarponProanthocyanidins 10-50%